I have always had an interest in complementary health and when the opportunity arose to study herbal medicine at the University of Westminster I leapt at the opportunity.

Although brought up in this great city of London I was lucky to have a garden & live close to Hampstead Heath.  These two factors combined to inspire my interest in plants and nature which eventually led me to study herbal medicine.

My training at the University of Westminster not only included studies specific to herbal medicine such as botany, phytomedicines (the art of making and taking herbs) and herbal material medica, but included a solid foundation in the basic health sciences as well as 500 clinical hours undertaken at the  herbal medicine clinic of the University.

I am a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists,  (NIMH), the oldest  self-regulating professional body for herbalists in the UK, established in 1864. Members are bound by a comprehensive code of ethics and practice and are actively engaged in programmes of continuing professional development.