Professional Course
This 3-year online course offers an in-depth education in Herbal Medicine consisting of 2,400 hours of study over 3 years, divided into 12 modules. It is rooted in the understanding that an authentic herbal medicine course must transcend the biomedical model, and support the growing body of knowledge of the healing power of plants.
The three Herbal Tradition modules are deeply integrated to ensure that the learner develops breadth and depth in the understanding of both the therapeutic repertoire of contemporary plant-based medicine, and the philosophical and historical traditions that underpin its use in holistic practice. The Human Science and Clinical Science modules adopt a systems-oriented approach, based on the principles of Functional Medicine, in which emphasis is placed on the fundamental balances and processes that determine health. The student learns to embody a process of open inquiry, moving from pattern to detail and back again – a practice at the heart of the art of all medicine.

The inclusion, in years 2 and 3, of Integration Modules – in which all lectures have a patient-centred focus, with students completing clinically-oriented small-group tasks each week – allows the introduction of inquiry-based learning (IBL) techniques proven to have beneficial effects on student satisfaction, and on the successful achievement of learning outcomes.

Students who wish to practice professionally are required to complete a 500-hour Heartwood Clinical Training Scheme during Years 2 and 3 of their studies on the Professional Course, in addition to their online studies.