How Herbs Can Help Skin Conditions

Many people suffer from chronic skin conditiosn. Not usually serious, they can, however, cause great discomfort.

As simple home treatments you can't beat Calendula cream or Aloe vera gel. Both herbs are antiinflammatory, with mild antimicrobial action and speed up healing while being very gentle to the skin.

Medical herbalists can do a lot to bring relief from symptons in more serious complex cases.

Herbal medicine has safe and effetive remedies for skin problems and practitioners have access to a larger variety of herbs and stronger preparations than can be bought over the counter.

When putting together an individual formula for their patient, a medical herbalist might include some of the following herbs to treat skin conditions:

LIQUORICE to reduce inflammation in eczema

GOTU KOLA to reduce inflammation and scar tissue

ECHINACEA for bacterial infections in acne vulgaris and to clear the skin by its lymphatic action which helps elimination

YARROW to strenghten the small blood vessels in acne rosacea