The Herbal Consultation, My Approach

The key to my approach is to treat you as a whole person rather than a collection of symptoms. I believe the condition of the patient is more important than the name of the complaint, therefore treatment is individual and personalized.

A first consultation usually lasts an hour during which time I take a full case history that looks at your presenting complaint and then examines all aspects of your health and lifestyle.This enables me to build up a complete picture of the state of your health.
At the end of the consultation, if appropriate, I will prescribe a bespoke combination of herbs to treat your problem. These will either be in the form of tinctures (an alcoholic extract of an herb), dried herbs to be taken as a tea, or cream to be applied topically.

Follow up consultations are usually after 4 weeks. This provides an opportunity for you to update me with your progress, air any concerns and, if necessary, to adjust the prescription. After this the interval between consultations will depend on your progress.